What does “BDRip” mean?

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In short, “BDRip” stands for BluRay Disk Rip. Also read about “BD5” and “BD9”.


BDRips are encoded directly from the BluRay disk, so should be of better quality than a DVDRip. They usually have a resolution of 720p (or 1080p), and are encoded using the matroska (.mkv) container and x264 codec.


“Can i play a BD rip on my hd dvd player in the same way i play a dvd rip on my dvd player?” It depends on the codec used, and what your HD-DVD player supports.

Summary of other (UNVERIFIED) comments

  • Since the end of January ’07, the Scene have been releasing BluRay and HD-DVD rips.
  • In the scene, “.BluRay.” x264 releases dupe “.HDDVD.” releases. That is to say, they appreciate that they are the same quality.
  • Some places refer to a BDRip as an XviD .avi file, ripped from a BluRay disc, in the same way as a DVDRip is ripped from a DVD.
  • Bluray Rips are far superior to DVD rips. A DVD rip is often around 640×272 pixels which equals .174 Megapixels per frame. A Bluray rip is often relased at 1280X720 pixels, which equals .921 Megapixels per frame. ANY LCD will resolve more than the 272 vertical pixels a typical DVD rip contains!!

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30 Responses to “What does “BDRip” mean?”

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Since the end of januari 2007, rips of Blu-Ray & HD-DVDs have been released in the scene. A couple of groups have managed to rip HD movies to a regular DVD. Usually they are have a resolution of 720p or 1080p and are encoded using the X264 codec. There are still just a few groups which are able to rip them

I know of at least one site that refers to a BDRip as a BluRay disc that’s been ripped to XviD format, just like a DVDRip.

thanks a lot as there so many different type… I’ll be confused 1 day by them! :)

someone should call the new format bivx
get it bluray rip to divx

is th quality as good as dvdrip??

p/s;quite new here.. :D

Of course, there’s no definite answer to that – it can depend between releases, but since BDRips are sourced from BluRay, while DVDRips are sourced from DVDs, it follows that BDRips are better quality.

A few things to add to your comment…

In the scene, “.BluRay.” x264 releases dupe “.HDDVD.” releases. That is to say, they appreciate that they are the same quality.

A “true rip” is in fact 30-40 GB, and is labelled “COMPLETE.BluRay” or similar. I think you’re referring to a “full HD” release (1080p) rather than a 720p “HD ready”? 1080p releases are generally 8 ish gigs, as you suggest, but are not “true rips”.

And there are other people who call BDrips BRrips…

Technically there shouldn’t be much of a difference between the two – with one exception: Since BRRips are taken directly from a release that has already been ripped from a Blu-Ray disk (so it’s not a direct source), if there was a problem with the original .mkv, such as bad AR (aspect ratio) then it’ll be transferred to the BRRip, as well. True BDRips come straight from a Blu-Ray disk, which eliminates any problem with a middleman. However, this is somewhat of a moot point – the person/group responsible for the rip is seemingly more important to the end-product quality.

taked from filesharefreak

I don’t agree with some parts of your comment, because when i rip a BluRay Source, i choose de AR based on a guide list named “Aspect Ratio & Resolutions” and with the right software i can edit and choose the right Resolution and AR (aspect ratio)…it takes a lot of skill to make rips without errors…sorry about my english…regards


A BDRip is a multimedia file that contains content that was sourced from a Blu-ray Disc product. As the “rip” part of the name applies, the copy is generally not a 1:1 copy, but instead is usually re-encoded. Most of the time Blu-ray disc rips (BDRips) contain AVC video that has a lower bitrate to the original content. Sometimes the creator of a BDRip may choose to lower the video resolution from Full HD 1080p content to 720p. The most common multimedia container used for BDRips is the Matroska (MKV) container, which would be used for its suitability.

BDRips often come packed with subtitle streams (usually part of the MKV file) and DTS or AC3 audio. A BDRip could be made to fit onto single layer DVD media (DVD-5), and so would be around 4.3GB in size. Content up to 8GB will need to be burned to a dual-layer DVD disc. Creating BDRips is not as easy as creating DVDRips yet, and encoding AVC content takes considerably longer than MPEG-2 content. Additionally, when working with Blu-ray content, there a lot of data to be worked with. A Blu-ray Disc could contain up to 50GB of data, which would have to be decrypted and copied to the hard disk drive before it could be re-encoded.

BDRips are widely found on the Internet, posted by pirates and labeled as either BDRip or “BluRay”. Playing BDRip content depends on the resources you have available in your computer.

Update: I’ve deleted all previous comments, and summarised the useful ones above.


BDRIP is a movie that is normal 480 quality pulled form a blueray disk originaly

if u want an actual 720p or 1080p you search for exactly that, 720p or 1080,

if you download a BDRIP you can assume its well under bluray quality it just originated from a blue ray disc to begin with.

BRRip = An XviD encode from a Blu-Ray release (i.e. a 1080p *.mkv file).

BDRip = An XviD encode directly from a source Blu-Ray disk.

really informative i didnt know

really informative…

Can I play BDRips on non-HD dvd player?

You can play a BDrip the same way as any dvd provided you have used the appropriate to convert the files into a format your player can handle. They can be played on just about any video device provided that proper encoding is done prior to using it on a particular device and of course some encoding conversions are to end up reducing the quality to some degree since if the chosen format requires it. Moving the file to media storage devices like dvd blanks or cards also helps with portability

Can I convert a BD Rip to DVBD using convertxtodvd?

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BDrips are normal quality. Movies will generally be around 700mb (a few 1.4gb) & have little to no difference in quality really from a DVDrip. The term BDrip just means it originates from a BluRay Disc. BRrip, x264, 720p & 1080p are BluRay quality rips ranging from 2gb-6.5gb.

A BDRip simply means the video came FROM a Blu-Ray disk. The Source is high quality. But, it does indicate what the file you’re downloading is. You could be getting a 700mb .avi file or a 1gb, 2gb, 3gb or even larger .mkv file – or some other format and size. You need to look at the file you want to download to see how large it is, etc. Larger files are generally (not always) higher quality, but of course they use more memory on your hard drive. These files are NOT for DVD machines. You play these with a computer media player such as VLC Player or SMPlayer. If you want to play the video on a DVD machine, you need to convert the file back to a DVD format using software such as ConvertXtoDVD or Nero.


i downloaded a bdrip movie but it is .avi how can i open/play it on my pc

Try playing it with VLC: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

Anno 2015: https://www.reddit.com/r/trackers/comments/3punub/whats_up_with_bdrips/

In the scene..

BDRip = SD bluray sourced encode (http://predb.me/?search=bdrip.x264)

Bluray = HD bluray sourced encode (http://predb.me/?search=bluray.x264)

Anywhere else, BDRip/BrRip/Bluray get used for everything.. including re-encodes :/

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