What does “NUKED” mean?

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A release may be NUKED for several reasons. It may be because the group responsible for the release requested it, or there may be something actually wrong with the release. When a release is nuked, a permanent mark is placed on it, and it stops being actively promoted or distribited. Often, a “REPACK” will follow from the same group, fixing the problems, or another group may release a “PROPER”.

There are many reasons for a release of any type being released. The most popular ones are:

General Nuke Reasons

  • A missing or corrupt RAR archive or part. (This is normally discovered quickly and replaced by a REPACK.

Video Scene Nuke Reasons

  • Out of sync audio.
  • Bad aspect ratio, ie people appear too fat/thin. [BAD A/R]
  • Bad inverse telecine. process of converting framerates was incorrect. [BAD IVTC]
  • Black lines on movement as the field order is incorrect. [INTERLACED]

0day Nuke Reasons (i.e. PC applications/games)

  • Crack does not work, or software does not install.

When a scene member’s release is nuked, managers of the topsites and other distributors obliged to warn their users of the nuking, and the reasons for it. The user responsible for the release can lose respect in the community, and may also be punished in the form of a ban or fine of “credits” within various topsites.

It is also worth checking out the full scene rules, which give better guidelines of what is and isn’t allowed.

See also Nuke (warez) on Wikipedia.


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4 Responses to “What does “NUKED” mean?”

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Nuked also can be used when a application/game came with a virus,will not install or its corrupt.

what is Nuked: p2p.repack ? can i still play the game

Yes, this simply means the release does not conform to scene standards – it means the release group obtained the files from a peer-to-peer group, via torrent or similar, and re-released it as their own work.

If the p2p release worked (which is quite probable) then there’s no reason why the nuked version wouldn’t. As long as you have all the files, of course.

“In the end each FTP site or “authority” will issue/revoke nukes on its own free will and there is often arguments about whether it should be or not. There is no hammer of justice that decides it all around though a lot of sites just take word from each other. ”

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