What does “RETAIL” mean?

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This means the release is taken from the retail version – the one bought from stores, as opposed to a limited edtion or otherwise different version.

To elaborate, a retail release is one sold to the general public by shops – on the high street and online. It is a physical release such as a physical CD or DVD.*

Some examples of non-retail releases are:

  • Incomplete releases, where some parts have been stripped. Common in DVD-R releases, where trailers, adverts, or alternative audio tracks, subs etc have been removed.
  • Screeners, CAMs, etc – releases not meant for public consumption.
  • Limited versions, of which only a small number were created or sold. For instance, a special edition BluRay disk.

* I don’t know if iTunes store and the like count as retail. Anyone care to comment, or have an example release nfo which answers this?


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12 Responses to “What does “RETAIL” mean?”

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retail means buying a large quantity of goods and selling out a smaller quantity/pakage to the consumers/customers.

i want to know what retailing means?


The difference between a retail and the rest, is retail is the same product you can buy in a box or in a story, non-retail are products:
a) incomplete (such removing movies or any other irrelevant products).
b) screener or any low quality product.
c) telesync or any modified product.
d) rips.
e) limited version, such a Itunes version of a movie that miss the extras.

can you give more information

I hope the updated post helps!

Thanks a lot, guy! That was a quite concise clear explanation and very useful.

no they count as “WEB” releases.. atleast in mp3 scene rules!

not to professional

Are retail releases unrated? I was wondering cause I saw some shows had tags of unrated on them and some shows had tag of retail and was wondering what was the difference since both were dvdrip. Thanks in advance

Retail releases can be unrated (if they are tagged UNRATED) and unrated releases are always retail. An unrated film is one that has not received a rating from the MPAA. These are often DVD releases of director’s cuts.

In the Xvid scene the RETAIL tag is only used when a previous release was passed on as being retail, while it actually was a screener or some promo dvd for example. The nfo of this release shows how these things are being detected: http://www.srrdb.com/details.php?release=Avatar.RETAIL.DVDRip.XviD-DiAMOND

In the case of pirated scripts, retails can be considered as the opposite of nulled (or NULL) releases.
Many developers inject steganographic data dynamically into their customers’ files, that can help them to identify any suppliers and revoke their licenses.

Dissemblers are replaced by file comparison apps like Araxis Merge or Beyond compare…

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