What Does “FREEWEB” Mean?

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The tag “FREEWEB” is used on MP3 scene releases. It is added to the release directory name when the music is freely downloadable from the internet. The tag was first used by the warez group KPS (kilocycles per second) on February 22, 2010. This is a piece of that NFO file: Desert_Planet-Mortal_Kombo-READ_NFO-FREEWEB-2010-KPS_INT


You are surely asking yourself: “WTF? Why are these
jerks preing free-from-web stuff?”

Well, let us explain, there are a few reasons:
– The stuff is only available as a free download.
– Possibly better quality than an existing release (e.g.
a vinyl-rip).
– Making good stuff available to you or poiting you in
the direction of some good stuff.

Therefore KPS is proud to present:
– The FREEWEB-Tag –
The current Official MP3 Release Rules do not provide a
possibility to tag releases like these. Therefore we’d
like to establish a
foundation to get those free-from-web releases pred

Here are some regulations on how to employ the
1. Only releases with the MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (MP3) are
to be tagged with the FREEWEB-tag.
2. Regarding encoding quality, we pre the mp3 files as
we got them from web. This means that we do not set any
restrictions regarding
the bitrates. Even if the quality should be below 192
kbit CBR.
3. The NFO has to include the URL to the homepage where
the files came from.
4. Multiples encoders are allowed (cf. rule 2).

The group k4 wrote the following in their first freeweb release (VA-Ich_Danketsu_A_Megapeng_Compilation-FREEWEB-2011-k4_int):

Within our first releases we want to provide you, the outside world, with some
information about us, k4. We are a group composed of music addicts who are not
bounded to any musical genre. In connection with our free spirit we do not care
too much about so-called “scene standards” especially the new proofing
requirements. Nonetheless we want to release our stuff in compliance with the
existing council rules.
If there is a release not fully matching those requirements, we will tag it as
an internal release, e.g. if the music is available for free from web. We hope
you will enjoy another great musical trip with our releases.
For any questions climb up mountain k4. We will wait there for you.

Because FREEWEB releases are banned within the current MP3 ruleset, most are released as an internal release. Some groups tried to release them as a regular MP3 release, but got nuked for it. Official_MP3_Release_Rules_3.0-2011-MP3COUNCIL:

[WEB] – audio files legally available on the net and not free
dirtag needed: -WEB-

NUKED: free.from.web/oneNET

NUKED: freeweb.not.allowed_not.purchased.from.a.legitimate.webshop/LocalNet

Currently (November 2013) there are more than 600 FREEWEB releases, released by 21 groups:

  • BF4E_INT
  • D2H_INT, D2H
  • FaiLED_INT
  • iDiB_iNT
  • iWR_INT
  • k4_int, k3_int
  • KLIN
  • m00f_int
  • MuSiKa_INT
  • NMNL_iNT
  • TAiPx_iNT
  • XTC_iNT

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4 Responses to “What Does “FREEWEB” Mean?”

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You may want to take KPS_TNT off that list, it’s not a real group. It was a bad echo. Martin_Solveig_feat._Kele-Ready_2_Go-FREEWEB-2011-KPS_TNT was originally nuked as “FREEWEB must be int” (idk exact reason but something like that) then later unnuked (and delpred) for “bad.echo) since the real release was Martin_Solveig_feat._Kele-Ready_2_Go-FREEWEB-2011-KPS_INT. Same with Madonna-Give_Me_All_Your_Luvin_(THE_KDMS_Version)-FREEWEB-2012-KPS_TNT, another bad echo.

I assumed that, but still my count of the groups was off. CUSTODES and CUSTODES_INT is the same group of course, but was only counted once. I’ve put the same groups on the same line now. Looking at the nfos, k3 is k4, but there is only one k3 release. Looks like they typed their group name wrong once…

Wow, you still remember those nuke events after 2 years. I can only find the delpre reason now.

Do you know how these bad/cut echos occur and what is it exactly? Looking at the time stamps, it happens within 2 minutes: 2012-04-06 16:06:18 and 2012-04-06 16:07:42. I think a human must be involved.
I’ve seen on srrDB uploads recently that the same release was upped with a cut name (also in predb), but the delpred release did have the proof file in the SRR while the original release didn’t. (both originating from the same uploader) An example:
This makes me think that this isn’t just some communication error between predbs.

Searching old stuff is helpful with a combination of https://pre.corrupt-net.org/, their irc bot, and http://predb.me/ =)

I don’t know for sure how bad or cut echos happen technical wise but I do believe I know how it’s caused. I’ll try my best to explain it:

I don’t know how strong your scene knowledge is but they rely on bots and echoing – lots and lots of echoing. A group can pre something on their network and it will get announced instantly on that network. Instantly other bots on that network will echo it onto their own network and so on. This happens in under a second. Think of it like a nukenet: there’s different nuke networks. A nuker will nuke something and as long as it’s echoed to another network it will show up there. So if Network X does not echo nukes from ZoneNet but Network Y does, the nuke from ZoneNet will echo to Network Y but not Network X. This is why some scene bots don’t accept nukes from lesser known networks like TZero or SancityDenied, but as far as I know everyone accepts/echos ZoneNet and LocalNet amongst others.

Anyway, back to my main point: echoing is like a chain reaction. A pre is announced from one network and echos to the next one, then to the next one, and so on. So if a pre is announced to a network with 3 bots that echo to their own networks, what starts as an announced pre on one network is then announced right after to 3 more. And then any bots on those 3 networks will echo is to their networks. So somewhere along the line for one reason or another due to reasons I don’t know the bot messes up and will incorrectly echo, either echoing a few of the wrong characters or not echoing the full pre (cut echo) in addition to echoing the correct pre. The incorrect gets delpred unless missed.

There’s also adding old releases to a bot’s database, something can go wrong and it’ll echo incorrectly, even if it’s minutes later. Not all bots have the exact same timestamp which can be why there’s a few minutes time difference, although I have seen bad echos minutes later or even a day later instead of the usual second after. For example: http://predb.me/?group=FORSA “FORSA” isn’t a real group, it’s just a cut echo of pres by the group FORSAKEN. It was pred as FORSAKEN but a bot incorrectly globally announced it as by -FORSA after announcing the one by -FORSAKEN.

Or I could be wrong and maybe they all echo from a single central place…but I doubt that.

As for your example with the MT/D pre, I have no clue. As far as I know on the scene topsites the directory is correct. (as demonstrated by the directory name they have whe they leak to P2P) It’s just IRC there’s some weird glitch that happens with one of the many bots, and it’ll go global and echo everywhere. I have never seen a cut echo release wind up on a torrent site, it always has the full name in the directory as it should.

There’s also leak tests…if you look here: http://predb.me/?search=Crnkn_-_Diplo_and_Friends-SAT-08-11 The 2015, 2016, 2017, and so on as the year is not a bad echo – it was a leak test. I believe they’re used to find bots that will globally echo fake pres even if a directory on a topsite does not exist. I know someone on irc who is insecure and if a certain user does !addpre Whatever.They.Want.It.To.Say-HERE, it will echo across the scene and P2P. Leak tests = spam = it could always be a troll sometimes doing what looks like a bad echo a few minutes later when in reality it’s just a fake addpre.

In addition to leak tests there’s pre tests, again it all gets delpred. http://predb.me/?search=pre+test Unrelated to bad/cut echo though.

Hopefully this makes sense. It’s late and aspects of the scene can be difficult to explain even to those with lots of knowledge already. I’m not in the scene, but just by hanging out on irc with some P2P like minded people I’ve made some great friends and learned a lot overtime. :)

Phew. I’m guessing most of what I’ve said is correct but alas have no way to verify it.

So I guess I didn’t really answer your question. :P

Some more insight, but I still have to encounter someone that has an idea how they can happen.

“There are different cut echoes though. Some are in the predb but aren’t traded on the sites, some are not pred BUT traded on the sites.”

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