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Members of the Scene are sometimes in multiple groups. Different groups can be run by the same people. Why do they do this? One of the reasons is to differentiate in the content they release: a different group name for each scene or type of content. It’s rather weird to see a group use the same name over many categories, like aAF for example. Other reasons are when FTP sites don’t have both sections you want to do as group, different genres (e.g. classic films or music), sometimes same supply but different members and sometimes good old whorage.

This blog post tries to list groups that are essentially the same or that have been merged. It’s not supposed to be a secret in most cases, but it’s far from obvious for the casual eye. It’s more obvious to other groups or anyone who follows sections closely.

Sometimes there are long lines of connected groups that aren’t so obvious, with members changed between them slightly, like FLT/CLASS/ECHELON/KALISTO/ProjectX/Mode7/STARCUBE. It actually makes the scene look like its got a lot more active people than it really does.

Movies and series


  • MTD, FORSAKEN – same music around the same time

Games, Software

Do you know more groups or have proofs? Let us know!

Thanks to #mp3scene for insights.

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